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Once again, great job Sampaguita Dance Group!!! You made us proud with your participation in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival in the ethnic category.

The group performed on April 18, 2015 at Claremont Ridge Playhouse, Claremont High School. The dancers won awards for their performance and were invited to take part in the Honours Program on May 1st at Claremont High School.

The youngest dancers performed the Itik-Itik and the Open group performed the Bulaklakan.

The group worked so hard at perfecting the numbers despite the short preparation time – starting in the beginning of March. It was awesome to receive the acknowledgement from the festival adjudicator.

Many thanks to the dedicated dancers and parents for their support on the many days and weekends of rehearsal!!!

The Sampaguita Dance Group performed again at the Asian Heritage Festival on May 31, 2015 and at the Philippine Independence Day Gala Event at the Laurel Point Inn on June 12.

The Sampaguita Dance Group promotes Philippine culture and heritage through folk dancing. The dance lessons are ongoing and are free of charge. The group is run by dedicated parents. The Sampaguita Adult Dance Group also just started and they are being taught by Daisy Breuer. If you are interested in joining please call the VFCA at the Bayanihan Centre for more information.

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