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VFCA has five goals and, as a foundation for them, there is a supporting goal to ensure and maintain VFCA's organizational health. The goals, and the current possible activities under each are as follows:

As a foundation for all of the above goals, the VFCA has the supporting goal to

Goal 1: Celebrate Filipino culture through cultural and arts programming and support.

Current activities:

  • Folk dance

  • Sunday lunch

  • Folkfest

  • Food Fiesta

  • Carolling

  • Religious activities

  • Independence Day Activities

  • Independence Day Dance

  • Newsletter

Goal 2: Promote awareness of Philippine history and events.

Current activities:

  • Workshops

  • Independence Day activities

  • Newsletter - Ilaw

Goal 3: Support the growth and daily operations of the Bayanihan Centre.

Current activities:

  • Sunday lunches

  • Rentals

  • Donations - fundraising campaigns

  • Maintenance programs

  • Fund Development

  • Website

Goal 4: Provide education, with a focus on immigrants and youth.

Current activities:

  • Foodsafe courses

  • Referral to ICA

  • Support to ICA

Goal 5: Maintain and increase charitable activities.

Current activities:

  • Feeding the needy

  • Assistance for the sick

  • Assistance for Bereaved

  • Disaster relief

Goal 6: Ensure and maintain the organizational health of the VFCA.

Current activities:

  • Getting new leadership for VFCA

  • Getting new immigrants involved

  • Mentoring

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