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Victoria Filipino Canadian Association

The Victoria Filipino Canadian Association (VFCA) is a non-profit organization established on February 10, 1969. Its purpose was chiefly to help new immigrants from the Philippines find housing accommodation and help each other to adjust to the Canadian way of life. The signatories on the application for the incorporation were all women in the health-care field.


In 2005, the VFCA underwent a facilitated process to develop a strategic plan and to introduce a strategic orientation to its operational planning. As a result, its vision, mission and goals were amended as follows:


Our Vision

Filipino Culture is celebrated in the Canadian mosaic, and the Victoria Filipino Canadian Association is recognized as a positive contributor.


Our Mission

The Mission of the Victoria Filipino Canadian Association is to:

  • Initiate and promote Filipino cultural and social traditions,

  • Provide access to resources and support to those in need,

  • Practice charity,

  • Promote good citizenship.


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