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Activities and Events

The list of events and activities since the Association was established in April 1988 was impressive, indicating a deep dedication to our initial goals:

  • Good Friday - the reading of Pasyon on Good Friday is a tradition that continues to this day

  • May festivities - the month of May brings one of our main events where we celebrate friendship, camaraderie and Filipino food!    Initially, it was to celebrate Mother's Day; in recent years, it was either Hawaiian Dinner and Dance or Barn Dance. In 2013, it will be Flores de Mayo or the Santacruzan, a pageant held in honour of Virgin Mary.

Other important events and activities include:

  • Victoria Day parade

  • Philippine Independence Day Dinner-Dance

  • Garage sale fund-raising

  • Sunday Open House - five to six times a year, hosting of Sunday Open House at the Bayanihan Centre

  • Senior's Day - starting in April 2013, every second Friday of the month (except holidays) is Seniors Day at the Bayanihan Centre - tai chi, karaoke (sing-alongs) scrabble and bingo. Snacks are provided.

  • Workshops on Health and Wellness - Elder Law, Elder Abuse and Senior's Rights, Managing Your Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Medications

  • Summer Garage Sale

  • Group Excursions - e.g., Bus trip to Reno (2010), Bus trip to Whistler, Tulalip and Vancouver (2012)

  • Annual Picnic at Kinsmen Park. This year's picnic will be a joint one with VFCCA and VFCA.

  • Halloween Dinner and Dance

  • Christmas Dinner Party












What's on Our Calendar for 2018



     January 28                              General Meeting

     March 16                                Community Feeding at Bayanihan

     March 17                                Kamayan Dinner at Bayanihan

     April 27                                  Food Prep for Hawaiian Dinner Dance

     April 28                                  Hawaiian Dinner Dance at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre

     June 2                                     VFCSA Kamayan Dinner & Buffet

     June 16                                   Mabuhay Celebrating Philippine Culture


     August 18                               Community Feeding at Bayanihan

     October 26                            Food prep for Halloween Dinner Dance at Bayanihan

     October 27                            Halloween Dinner Dance at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre

     November 17                        Kamayan Dinner at Bayanihan

     December 15                         VFCSA Christmas Party




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