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Our Donors through the years
Give to Bayanihan Community Center

BCHS welcomes, encourages and appreciates donations from individuals, groups, associations, and businesses. As a designated charitable organization, BCHS issues a tax receipt for donations  of $20 and more. Tax receipts are distributed at the end of each fiscal year.


The names of donors with $100 donation or more are displayed on the nipa hut board at the centre. Categories are: 

  1. $100 to $499 in copper plates

  2. $500 to $999 in silver-coloured plates

  3. $1,000 and over in gold-coloured plates


Individuals, groups, organizations and businesses who organize special events such as debuts, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials at the centre are also welcome to request donations for the centre in lieu of gifts or flowers.


As a personal legacy, you can support the centre by:

  • Designating BCHS as a beneficiary of your life insurance and/or your estate

  • Donating real estate to BCHS

  • Donating securities to BCHS

  • Getting naming rights at the centre


How you can donate to Bayanihan:


Visit us at the Centre

Drop by and make a donation in cash, cheque, debit or credit card. We are located at 1709 Blanshard St., Victoria, BC



You may send your cheque donations through postal mail.

Philippine Bayanihan Community Centre

1709 Blanshard St., Victoria, BC V8W 2J8


The Bayanihan Cultural and Housing Society is grateful to the City of Victoria for granting it permissive tax exemption under Section 220 of the Community Charter.

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