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Kabayan, be counted!

Participate in shaping BC's legislation and programs to address racism in the province.

In 2022, the province of British Columbia took a bold step by promulgating the Anti-Racism Data Act. This legislation's primary purpose is to mandate the systematic collection of data about individual's racial backgrounds, with the overarching goal of providing the government with valuable insights and addressing societal disparities and inequities.

In a continued effort to enhance the efficacy and responsiveness of the insights derived from the collected race-based data, the BC government has taken an additional step by embarking on the establishment of anti-racism legislation. The core objective of this legislative move is to create a solid legal framework that not only holds the BC government accountable but also compels them to take concrete actions in addressing the outcomes stemming from the accumulated race-based data.

We, in Bayanihan, fully support this initiative by the government to ensure that members of visible minorities, including our (Filipino) community, will be safe from any forms of racism.

With that, we are asking for your support by answering the Anti-Racism Survey through this link:

Help fill gaps in B.C. government services - Addressing Systemic Racism in B.C.

or the QR provided on the posters.

Makiisa! Puksain ang rasismo sa BC!

About Us

The Bayanihan Community Centre provides an affordable and welcoming facility for programs and events.

Owned and operated by the Bayanihan Cultural and Housing Society (BCHS), it is the home of:

Victoria Filipino Canadian Association (VFCA)

Victoria Filipino-Canadian Caregivers' Association (VFCCA)

Victoria Filipino-Canadian Seniors Association (VFCSA)

Our website is currently under construction.
Please bear with us.
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Watch PEPE in-person


In two languages, at two different locations, and 18 show times to choose from! Online tickets for English shows:


Printed tickets and vouchers for Tagalog shows: call 236 882-5571 or


Pepe Poster (Sept 1).jpg

Call for Artists

Official Proclamation of June as Filipino Heritage Month! 

Watch the proclamation of June as Filipino Heritage Month In Canada to be held at the Legislature at the initiative of Mable Elmore. She was first elected MLA for Vancouver -Kensington in 2009, when she made history  by becoming the first MLA of Filipino Heritage. Her Mother Came to Canada's a Nurse. Mable was re-elected in 2013, 2017, and 2020. She is the Parliamentary Secretary for Seniors Services and Long Term Care. She has been an active supporter of the Philippine Bayanihan Community Centre in Victoria.


ILAW 2021 Edition
Now Available!

Read about how the Victoria Filipino Canadian Association has been playing an active role in the community; plus upcoming events you can join and celebrate with us!

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Past Events

Working Together, Celebrating Filipino Culture in Canada's Mosaic

Our Mission

The Centre exists to:

  • Provide a welcoming, sustaining and engaging community where everyone is welcome

  • Promote Filipino cultural and social values and traditions

  • Provide access to resources and support to those in need

  • Promote good citizenship

Our Vision and Goals

The Centre aims to:

  • Celebrate Filipino culture and traditions and share these with all members of the community, whether of Filipino or non-Filipino ancestry

  • Welcome newcomers from the Philippines to Canada and particularly, Victoria

  • Promote the spirit of Bayanihan or spirit of communal unity, among all Filipino-Canadians living in or visiting Victoria

  • Provide socialization and support to senior citizens

  • Be a centre for information and support to Filipino overseas workers

  • Practice and promote charity, particularly to persons in need

  • Cultivate knowledge and awareness of Filipino culture and traditions among the younger generations

  • Highlight and celebrate the achievements of Filipino-Canadians in Victoria

The Bayanihan Cultural and Housing Society is grateful to the City of Victoria for granting it permissive tax exemption under Section 220 of the Community Charter.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

What's Happening in my Community


Children's Folk Dancing Class


Philippine Folk Dance Classes for children will resume once the Provincial Health Restrictions are lifted. Participants start at age 6 to 17 years old. Send us an email.


Filipino Language Classes


Filipino Language is the primary language  of the Philippines today, based on Tagalog language. Generation of Filipino Canadian children who are born here in Canada wanted to learn the native language of their parents. The VFCA and BCHS is looking for Filipino Instructor to start the program. Send your inquiries below.


Bayanihan joined in the Greater Victoria Festival Society

May 2021

We are delighted to participate in Greater Victoria Festival Society "Brand New Day" project. A virtual project to lift the community spirits during pandemic. 

Centre Regulars...check out our calendar for schedules

Sampaguita Performing Arts Group

Come and join us!

Youth Camp

August of every year

Sunday Open House


Community Dinner


Line Dancing

The Line Dancing will resume once the Covid 19 Restrictions is lifted.

Our partners
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